What we do

Our paper editing service includes high-quality language editingpresentation and formatting as well as unlimited rounds of editing for 90 days. Our native English-speaking editors will return to you a publication-ready journal paper that has smooth flow and perfect grammar. We also offer three add-on services to further enhance the chances of your paper being accepted for publication.


Language editing

We correct the following five areas: (i) spelling, punctuation and grammatical accuracy; (ii) structure and flow, including sentence and paragraph transition; (iii) consistency of English language use; (iv) brevity of ideas and clarity of meaning; and (v) logic of arguments.

Presentation and formatting

We improve your research paper’s presentation in terms of layout, word choice and terminology. We also format it to your target publisher’s preferred style and ensure that your citations and references match.

Unlimited rounds of editing

We offer unlimited rounds of editing for 90 days to re-edit minor revisions and additions as well as unlimited access to our expert editors to allow you to respond to their suggestions and comments.

Cover letter development

Under our cover letter development service, we prepare a tailored cover letter to accompany your submission. This letter will describe the aims and principal findings of your study and highlight its novel contribution to the research field.

PRICE: $50

Manuscript review

Under our manuscript review service, we review the English language used in the original paper and offer tips for improvement. This service allows us to provide you with the context and rationale for our suggested revisions to help you become a better English language writer.

PRICE: $50

Instructional editing

Our premium instructional editing service may benefit those researchers who wish to publish in English language journals but have limited English proficiency. Your dedicated editor will guide you throughout the entire writing and editing process. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


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Service breakdown Examples Included?
Spelling, punctuation and grammatical accuracy Spelling/punctuation precision and consistency green-tick
Grammatical accuracy (e.g. article and tense use, word choice) green-tick
Structure and flow Sentence and paragraph transition green-tick
Similar arguments grouped together logically green-tick
Consistency of English language use US/British English differences green-tick
Accurate and consistent hyphenation green-tick
Brevity and clarity Avoiding wordiness and emphasising brevity green-tick
Redundancy and repetition check green-tick
Logic of arguments Improve paragraph transition green-tick
Detail missing passages/sections green-tick
Presentation and formatting Layout consistency and suitability green-tick
Citation/reference matching green-tick
Unlimited rounds of editing for 90 days Re-edit and proofread minor revisions and additions green-tick
No journal rejection, GUARANTEED We guarantee that the language used in your paper will be accepted by the journal – or your money back green-tick