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We provide several different premium services ranging from editing all the way through to cover letter development & manuscript reviews.

Our Services

We provide two levels of premium editing depending on your particular requirements, in addition, to cover letter development and manuscript review as add-on services.

Premium Editing

Choose our premium editing service if you require sentence-level changes to ensure your paper has concise language, a logical flow and grammatical accuracy.

Premium Plus Editing

Pick our premium plus editing service if you wish our editors to review your paper at a broader level to additionally suggest structural revisions / changes.

Manuscript Review

We can review the English used in the paper and offer tips for improvement.

Cover Letter Development

We can prepare a tailored cover letter to accompany your journal submission.

Premium Editing Services - Same Day Turnaround Available*

* Terms & Conditions Apply

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Although we provide a wide range of services, sometimes a slight variation of our services is required or perhaps something different entirely! That’s why we’ve begun building a list of partners that we actively work with to provide the most for all of our clients:


Penguin Transcription offer a wide variety of transcription services, including transcription of interviews, and focus groups for researchers, conference and meeting recordings, dictations, notes and much more! Not only do they work with universities, but they also work with corporations, charities, SME’s, students, journalists and authors!

Think your services could be of help to some of our visitors? Get in touch with us and we’ll consider partnering up with you too!

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