Cover Letter Development

Our Cover Letter Development Service

Cover Letter Development

We can prepare a tailored cover letter to accompany your journal submission. We have a team of fully qualified PhD editors who can assist with this service, providing you with a cover letter of unmatchable quality that’s taken every single detail into account to ensure you create the right first impression with the journal editor.

A clear, concise and engaging cover letter is vital to accompany your journal submission. It offers an ideal opportunity to ‘sell’ your manuscript to the journal editor, thereby increasing your chances of the manuscript being sent for peer review. An effective cover letter summarises the aims and main findings of the research, highlighting how the research is novel, how it advances the field and why it is perfectly suited to the target journal.

Our cover letter development service prepares a tailored cover letter to accompany your journal submission written by the expert who edited your manuscript. By using this service, you can ensure that you create a favourable first impression at a journal, optimizing your chances of progressing to peer review.

This is just one of many services that we are proud to offer, and we’ve received lots of feedback from our clients which has better shaped the services that we offer – now a premium service for a more than affordable price.

Here at Erudito, we’ve worked with clients in hundreds of unique industries, and for each, we’ve provided a custom tailored service that has left both parties more than satisfied.

This service can be purchased on it’s own, or alongside one of our most prestigious services; premium / premium plus editing.

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