Manuscript Review

Our Manuscript Review Service

Manuscript Review

We can review the English used in the paper and offer tips to help improve your writing at the same pace as your research career.

At Erudito, we see our job as helping you improve your writing at the same pace as your research career is developing.

That’s why we’ve created our bespoke manuscript review service, a tailored report that explains more in depth our suggested revisions and provides writing tips on the pitfalls to avoid in academic writing backed up by examples from the edited paper.

This service provides you with the context and rationale for our suggested revisions to help you become a better English language writer.

This is just one of many services that we are proud to offer, and we’ve received lots of feedback from our clients which has better shaped the services that we offer – now a premium service for a more than affordable price.

Here at Erudito, we’ve worked with clients in hundreds of unique industries, and for each, we’ve provided a custom tailored service that has left both parties more than satisfied.

This service can be purchased on it’s own, or alongside one of our most prestigious services; premium / premium plus editing.

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