Premium Plus Editing

Our Premium Plus Editing Services

Premium Plus Editing Service

Our premium plus editing service entails a deeper level of editing (in comparison to our premium editing service) which includes our fully PhD qualified editors reviewing your paper at a broader level to additionally suggest structural revisions as well as presentation and formatting changes that optimise your paper’s chance of publication.

Customers that choose our premium plus editing service, in addition to receiving all aspects of our premium service, benefit by allowing our editors to review their papers from a broader perspective.

Under this enhanced service, our editors will ensure that the logic of your arguments runs smoothly throughout the paper by, for instance, reorganising paragraphs as well as commenting when necessary content is missing and suggesting additions to the text.

We also enhance the consistency and suitability of the layout of your paper and format it to your target journal’s preferred style, including making sure that your citations and references match.

In addition, under our premium editing service, you’ll have follow-up access to your expert editor to re-edit and proofread minor revisions and additions at no extra cost.

This is just one of many services that we are proud to offer, and we’ve received lots of feedback from our clients which has better shaped the services that we offer – now a premium service for a more than affordable price.

Here at Erudito, we’ve worked with clients in hundreds of unique industries, and for each, we’ve provided a custom tailored service that has left both parties more than satisfied.

Manuscript Review

Our bespoke manuscript review service is a tailored report that explains more in depth our suggested revisions and provides writing tips on the pitfalls to avoid in academic writing backed up by examples from the edited paper. This service provides you with the context and rationale for our suggested revisions to help you become a better English language writer.

Cover Letter Development

We can prepare a tailored cover letter to accompany your journal submission. We have a team of fully qualified PhD editors who can assist with this service, providing you with a cover letter of unmatchable quality that’s taken every single detail into account to ensure you create the right first impression with the journal editor.

Premium Editing Services - Same Day Turnaround Available*

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Spelling / punctuation precision and consistency

Grammatical accuracy (e.g. article and tense use, word choice)

Sentence and paragraph transition

Similar arguments grouped together logically

US/British English differences

Accurate and consistent hyphenation

Avoiding wordiness and emphasising brevity

Redundancy and repetition check

Reorganise paragraphs to smooth flow

Detail missing content and suggest changes

Layout consistency and suitability

Citation/reference matching

PhD-qualified expert editor in your field

Proofread by a second editor

To answer your questions

To re-edit and proofread minor revisions and additions

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