What we do

Premium editing

Choose our premium editing service if you require sentence-level changes to ensure your paper has concise language, a logical flow and grammatical accuracy.

Premium plus editing

Choose our premium plus editing service if you wish our editors to review your paper at a broader level to additionally suggest structural revisions and formatting changes.

Manuscript review

We can review the English used in the paper and offer tips for improvement.

Cover letter development

We can prepare a tailored cover letter to accompany your journal submission.

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Service breakdown



Premium plus

Spelling, punctuation and grammatical accuracy

Spelling/punctuation precision and consistency

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Grammatical accuracy (e.g. article and tense use, word choice)

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Structure and flow

Sentence and paragraph transition

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Similar arguments grouped together logically

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Consistency of English language use

US/British English differences

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Accurate and consistent hyphenation

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Brevity and clarity

Avoiding wordiness and emphasising brevity

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Redundancy and repetition check

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Logic of arguments

Reorganise paragraphs to smooth flow



Detail missing content and suggest changes



Presentation and formatting

Layout consistency and suitability



Citation/reference matching



Two-expert review

PhD-qualified expert editor in your field

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Proofread by a second editor

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Access to your expert editor

To answer your questions

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To re-edit and proofread minor revisions and additions