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The Importance of Clear Communication

When five Elsevier journal editors revealed the top reasons a manuscript gets published, they emphasised the importance of clear communication:

“The article [must] tell a good story, meaning it is well written and easy to understand, the arguments are logical and not internally contradictory.”

Our dedicated PhD-qualified editors in your field have the relevant expertise to help support your journey towards getting published.

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oxford-uni Dr Kate Fox (@DrKateFox) graduated from the University of Oxford with a PhD in Microbiology. After obtaining her PhD, Dr Fox spent five years as a postdoctoral fellow. She has many publications in high-ranking journals including Nature Communications, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nucleic Acids Research, PLoS Pathogens, Molecular Microbiology and Journal of Biological Chemistry. In addition, Dr Fox has nine years of academic editing experience and has been actively involved in a range of science writing and communication initiatives. As founder of Erudito, she is passionate about combining research and writing experience to provide first-class publication support to the international scientific community.